Jamie  Coates

Jamie Coates

I am an anthropologist who joined Sheffield permanently in 2018 after having previously worked at Sheffield, Waseda University, Osaka University and Sophia University. I completed my PhD in anthropology at the Australian National University, where my dissertation focused on an emergent Chinatown in central Tokyo.

I have lived in Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, and Kyoto, spending most of my twenties and early thirties in East Asia.

I was a China Scholarship Council student at Beijing Language and Culture University, an English teacher in Taiwan, a Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) research scholar at Sophia University, and a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellow at Waseda University.

I also previously worked as a research assistant in psychiatric epidemiology in Australia.

In the School of East Asian Studies I teach across both the undergraduate and graduate programmes.

I specialise in the cultural anthropology of China and Japan, but enjoy collaborations across fields as diverse as literary, film and media studies, geography, history, psychology, sociology and international relations.

I combine visual and digital ethnography with historical and textual analysis to explore the relationship between technology, mobility and imagination in urban Northeast Asia.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how different ways of living, and different modes of thinking, foster or inhibit humanity’s capacity to cooperate. In short, I am fascinated by how people manage to get along.

Rather than focusing on the formal and intergovernmental level of this line of questioning, I concentrate on the informal, local and interpersonal scales of this problem.

East Asia serves as an inspiring site for thinking about these questions because of the fraught histories it shares and the increasingly entangled nature of contemporary flows of people, products and popular culture in the region.

Building on my doctoral research on Chinese migration to Japan, I am currently investigating how media and migration re-scale local imaginaries in the Sino-Japanese context.

Focusing on forms of play, consumption, and media use among Chinese people living in Japan I ask how quotidian phenomena such as transport, food, tourism, games, gender and sex are changing the way interpersonal Chinese relations and Sino-Japanese relations are imagined in the current era.

Through this interest, I am increasingly engaging with wider question of how digital technologies are changing relationships and personhood in East Asia, as well as how digital East Asia challenges current debates in the social sciences and humanities.

Global Geopolitics Series

'Chinese and chips': a brief history of the British Chinese takeaway

May 26, 2023 14:58 pm UTC| Insights & Views

Ive never been so disgusted in my life. Such was one Twitter users response to a recent video showcasing the spoils of a British Chinese takeaway order. British Chinese was trending on social media as American users...



Burger King Ordered to Compensate Injured Customer With Almost $8M Payout

Burger King is set to shell out about $8 million after the court ordered it to pay a customer who was injured at the restaurant. The burger store chains franchisee in Florida has been found guilty of negligence by the...

Nestlé Reveals New Operations Chief to Replace Retiring Magdi Batato

Nestlé SA food and drink company announced it has appointed the new companys head of operations. Effective on July 1, Stephanie Pullings Hart will be the new deputy head of operations, and she will be stationed at...

Asda Reportedly Finalizing £10B Merger Deal With EG Group

Asda is reportedly in the midst of finalizing its merger agreement with UK-based EG Group, which operates filling stations, fast-food outlets, and convenience stores. Reportedly, the deal will include more than 500 million...

Panera Brands Promotes Exec to CEO Post Amid IPO Plans

Panera Brands Inc., an American bakery-cafe chain store, revealed it has promoted one of its high-ranking executives to become its new chief executive officer. The promotion comes as the company reportedly plans for an...

Samsung To Invest ₩30 Billion in Advancing Smart Factories for SMEs

Samsung Electronics Co. will invest 30 billion won over the next three years in its Smart Factory 3.0 project which would transform SMEs manufacturing facilities into smart factories usingartificial intelligence (AI) and...


North Korea Media Criticizes US, South Korea, Japan Missile Warning Agreement

North Korean state media criticized the agreement made between the United States, South Korea, and Japan that would allow the three countries to share information in real-time on the isolated nations missile launches. This...

US: Biden Nominates Air Force Chief as Top General

The White House announced this week that US President Joe Biden has appointed US Air Force Chief Gen. Charles Q. Brown to serve as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Brown would become the second Black officer...

Russia-Ukraine War: Norway to Support Joint Training Programs for F-16s

Norway supports the push for joint training programs for Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 jets. This follows the endorsement by the United States for the training programs with Ukraine, assuring that the jets will not be used...

Japan Scrambles Fighter Jets Following Incursion of Russian 'Intelligence-Gathering' Aircraft

The Japanese defense ministry said it scrambled fighter jets after a Russian intelligence-gathering aircraft was spotted flying over the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan this week. This follows recent incidents,...


Gravitational wave detector LIGO is back online after 3 years of upgrades – how the world's most sensitive yardstick reveals secrets of the universe

After a three-year hiatus, scientists in the U.S. have just turned on detectors capable of measuring gravitational waves - tiny ripples in space itself that travel through the universe. Unlike light waves, gravitational...

Why don't rocks burn?

While many rocks dont burn, some of them do. It depends on what the rocks are made of and thats related to how they were formed. There are three main rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. These rocks are...

Quantum physics proposes a new way to study biology – and the results could revolutionize our understanding of how life works

Imagine using your cellphone to control the activity of your own cells to treat injuries and disease. It sounds like something from the imagination of an overly optimistic science fiction writer. But this may one day be a...

You shed DNA everywhere you go – trace samples in the water, sand and air are enough to identify who you are, raising ethical questions about privacy

Human DNA can be sequenced from small amounts of water, sand and air in the environment to potentially extract identifiable information like genetic lineage, gender, and health risks, according to our new...

Theory of everything: how progress in physics depends on asking the right questions

When I began my undergraduate physics degree (around 20 years ago), What is the theory of everything? was a question that I heard often. It was used as a label for how theoretical physicists were trying to develop a deeper...


Apple Reveals Broadcom Deal to Develop 5G Components

Apple Inc. revealed it has teamed up with Broadcom Inc. for the development of 5G radio frequency parts in the United States. The companies signed a multi-billion deal for the partnership. With the cooperation between...

What is a black box? A computer scientist explains what it means when the inner workings of AIs are hidden

For some people, the term black box brings to mind the recording devices in airplanes that are valuable for postmortem analyses if the unthinkable happens. For others it evokes small, minimally outfitted theaters. But...

AI is changing how Americans find jobs, get promoted and succeed at work

Whether we realize it or not, advancements in artificial intelligence are increasingly influencing the paths of our careers. Advancements in human capital management systems, more strategic and data-driven human...

AI is already being used in the legal system - we need to pay more attention to how we use it

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become such a part of our daily lives that its hard to avoid even if we might not recognise it. While ChatGPT and the use of algorithms in social media get lots of attention, an...

What is Bluesky and how's it different to Twitter?

Amid management changes at Twitter, discontented users are exploring an alternative social media platform called Bluesky. According to media reports, downloads of the Bluesky app surged more than 600% in...
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