“We Buy Houses in Louisville Ky”

July 18, 2021 0 Comments

“We sell houses by the owners’ request” has been my mantra for many years selling houses. I know people who literally write their wishes on pieces of paper before mailing them off to be sold. Some of these wishes are very specific but others are general requests for what they want from the company they are buying from. The bottom line is they need help getting out from under a mortgage or owe money on a home they no longer can pay. They may have other financial needs that they have not thought of. Most of the people who come to us have a few things in common: They are sick and tired of having to deal with their creditors, they have trouble paying their mortgage, and they don’t really want to sell their sell my house fast louisville ky but really need the money to pay for an extended vacation or to get away from the stress of their jobs.

Why Are You Looking to Buy Houses in Louisville, KY?

“Local Dad Buys Houses” is a direct mail services business based out of Louisville, KY with a main office in New Britain, Connecticut. We are a full service real estate marketing company that specializes in helping our clients find appropriate, qualified buyers for their distressed property with the least amount of hassle and the least amount of money lost. We are not brokers or agents. We are a family owned business that focuses on assisting our customers, especially our local clients, with the entire process from start to finish. It starts with an inquiry, which is followed by a free evaluation to evaluate your particular property. From there we make a real offer on your behalf, depending on your circumstances.

As the home buyer, you have the final say on everything from initial contact through the closing. You also have the option to pay with a cash offer or a mortgage payment plan. When we buy houses in Louisville Ky, our cash offer is one of our most popular options because it takes less time for us to sell the home than what it would take for you to sell it with a mortgage payment plan. We offer our customers the convenience of handling their transaction with us right from the start, and we are happy to offer them all-cash offers and quick sales as well. Why wait any longer to sell when you can use “We Buy Houses” to get in on some fast action in Louisville KY and surrounding areas.

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